Special Assistance


Sick passengers’ carriage regulations on flight :

It is necessary for sick passengers to take actions to obtain travel authorizations.

1 – Before any booking ticket , please inform the sales offices about your illness and complete the travel authorization form with  the company’s specialist doctor .

2 – In order to do services of departure and transfer of aircraft , please inform the airport service staff of your special condition .

3 – In order to confirm the final medical form , please refer to company’s specialist doctor 48 to 72 hours before flight .

4 – The validity duration of the flight permission for sick passengers is 48 hours from the time of issue.


It is necessary to obtaining medical certificate  for people with the following problems

1 – People with any type of infectious diseases

2 – People , who are in a state of their own , will make another passengers’ misery

3 – patients who causes an impairment of flight safety

4 – Patients who need help on the flight

5 – Patients whose conditions may exacerbate their illnesses 


The flight for sick passengers is prohibited under the following conditions

1 – Travelers who are likely to die on the flight

2 - People , who are in a state of their own , will make another passengers’ misery

3 – Patients who make an emergency landing

4 – Mental patients who cause safety risk of the passengers and the aircraft

5 – Infected patients with risk of transmission

6 – Pregnancy after 28 weeks

7 – Newborns are a week from birth

Generally , all patients with the severs and unstable conditions need to have medical certificate to flight.



1 – No medical certificate is needed until the end of 28 th week of pregnancy . But it is necessary to presenting a medical certificate involving information on duration of pregnancy and delivery time estimation from specialist doctor

2 – Pregnancy high risk

In this cases it is needed to have medical certificate to flight

3 – Not having a flight an after the first week of giving birth

4 – Normal newborn babies , if there is no healthy problem can be on flight.